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Measurement and analysis of surface formingUltra-precision Flatness Measuring Instrument SF-640M

“Making the invisible visible”
“Ultra-precision flatness measuring instrument SF-640M” is developed as a workpiece precision assessment system for dies, etc., ground by using a precision surface grinding machine. Based on the technology and know-how developed for “NANOMETRO®”, Kuroda’s ultra-precision surface shape measuring instrument for silicon wafers, this instrument allows for high-precision assessment of the surface and edges using bird’s eye views, cross-sectional diagrams, contour lines, etc.


High-precision motion mechanism!

World-class flatness measurements thanks to the high-precision air slider, linear servomotor and other devices made by using Kuroda’s ultra-precision processing technology.

Easy operation, diverse visualizations for analyses!

From the experience accumulated by selling the NANOMETRO® series, Kuroda equipped this instrument with various visualization and analysis software programs developed in house to assess measurements in an optimal way.

Capable of assessing all sorts of workpieces!

Supports workpieces made of a variety of materials, such as metals, ceramics, glass, and all sorts of wafers. The measuring head is designed exchangeable in accordance with the required assessment items and accuracy to provide optimal assessment for the measured object.

Well-thought structural design delivers safety, workability, and high precision, all at the same time!

In addition to providing two types of doors, large and small, to ensure safety when setting or removing the workpiece to measure, its design allows workpieces to be set by using cranes and the like, considering workability. Furthermore, its electrical components, which are heat sources, are separated from the unit to minimize disturbance during measurement and achieve high precision.

Performance / Specifications

Model SF-640M
Measuring area (X × Y) 650mm × 450mm
Overall accuracy 0.6μm (※1)
Repeatbility 0.1μm (※2)
Display resolution 0.01μm
Measuring head Non-contact laser stylus, Electric micrometer
Minimum data interval 1μm
Scanning speed 0.5 ~ 50mm/sec
Scanning Guide way Ceramics air slider
Drive system “X:Linear Servo motor
Y:Servo motor”
Maximum Work weight 40kg
Dimension W1820mm × D1200mm × H1550mm
Weight 1000kg
Power requirement AC200V (50/60Hz) 15A
Compressed air requirement Clean and dry air 0.5MPa
Air consumption 100L/min (ANR)
Maximum work height 50mm
Installation environment “Ambient temperature: 20ºC to 25ºC (keep temperature fluctuation within 1ºC)
Floor strength: Load capacity of 9 800N/m2 or more”
*1 PV value for entire surface in optical flatness measurement
*2 Standard deviation σ of PV value for entire surface when flatness is optically measured 10 times”

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