Surface grinding machine GS-45V/VS

Ultra-precision forming surface grinding machine for fine size workpiece
Suitable machine for easy operation・energy saving・vartile items


Operability: Outstanding operability offering “easy set-up, easy viewing and easy operation”

Manual grinding operation is easy to operate and fully automatic setting is also very easy.The operation switch, handle layout and the touch panel is excellent operability and visibility.

Ecological performance: Environmentally friendly model to reduce the environmental loading and costs

  1. Energy saving:
    ・The longitudinal feed of the machines utilizes a servo motor and KURODA’s in-house manufactured ball screw mechanism.
    ・ The power consumption is greatly reduced compared to hydraulic drive machines. A higher energy saving has been achieved than in previous machines.

  2. Reduced temperature effects: 
    ・ The motorization of the longitudinal feed has suppressed heat variations in the machine body, maintaining the dimensional accuracy of the machine and the workpiece at a high level.
  3. Reduced hydraulic costs:
    ・ As hydraulic-related running costs are not required, this results in large cost reductions.
    ・ This contributes to the elimination of industrial waste and realizing decarbonization.

  4. Space-saving:
    ・The use of a non-hydraulic mechanism has greatly reduced the required installation space. Effective utilization of this extra space leads to improvements in productivity.

Customization: Support for the diversification of customer needs using various applications

Performance / Specifications

Unit GS-45V/VR GS-45V/VRs
Working surface of the table(L x W ) mm 500×150
MAX. traverse of the table
(long x Cross )
mm 580×200
Distance from table top surface to bottom surface of wheel mm 40 ~ 390
Standard magnetic chuck size Flat type mm electromagnetic 450×150×70
Tilting type mm electromagnetic 380×110×125
Max.mass of workpiece kg 70
Longitudinal feed rate m/min 1~40
Saddle cross feed Feed per revolution of handwheel mm 0.01 / 0.1 / 1 .0 / 5.0
Feed per graduation of dial mm 0.0001 /0.001 /0.01 /0.05
Cross auto infeed Step feed mm 0.1 ~ 50Optional setting
Continuous feed rate mm/min 1~1000
Vertcal feed speed mm/min 500
Wheel dimention(D x W xB) mm φ180×6~25×31.75
Floor space required (W x L) mm 2040×1480
Dimention of the machine (W x L x H) mm 2040x1280x1950
Machine net weight kg 1600


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