Problem about surface grinding

Automation・Energy saving

Problem about Automation・Energy saving

In order to solve such problem "Manpower is not enough", "for control devitation of work piece","Automation for same grinding", KURODA will suggest the best way.

KURODA has experience and know-how as surface grinding manufacturer more than 65 years.Considering customer voice, KURODA suggest automatic grinding machine.Only KURODA can support safty, non-stress and stable grinding.

Each solution for Automation・Energy savingSOLUTIONS

For the best timing of dressing
Operator does not have much skill for dressing,It takes too much time for dressing.For chose the best dressing to each material.
Auto dressing function
Best dress timing in Automatic Smart decision Craftsmanship skill become automatic process
Automation of the dressing process
This function detect and notice best timinig of dressing based on registaration of high skilled dress standards and know-how. Auto dress function process dressing at fixed interval so far. However, this function makes machine determine best timing for dresing automatically.
Dress work standardization and quality control
Automate the molded dress relied on skilled operator.And it enables a variety of grinding wheel molding dress, regardless of the skill level with simple operation.
Corresponding to the variety of work with low-volume
It enables dress work automatically in optimal timing even for different materials and sizes.

For improving infeed and speed of infeed.
It's difficult・dangerous for serch contact point with grinding wheel.For shorten tact time
Auto approach
Approaching grind wheel to work piece by automatic
Safety work
This function makes it possible for everyone to approach safety. It reduces machine overload, accident, and stress of operator.
The standardization of work and quality
Automatic approaching detection recognizes the machining start point.It provides the man-hour reduction and quality control.It is equipped with an automatic start function after the approach.
Ultra-fine bubble
By generating microbubbles (Ultra Fine bubbles) in the coolant, grinding efficiency is dramatically improved
Significant reduction in processing efficiency
The ruptured bubble of high inner pressure (approx 20atm) can remove grinding chipes of grinding wheel and prevent from clogging. It can improve the grinding accuracy and exted the life of grinding wheel.

Corruption prevention of coolant
Many dissolved oxygen is found in Ultra fine bubble.Putrefaction is prevented by it which is remain submerged long time in the coolant tank with promote of cativtion of aerobic vacteria.
Improvement of dimensional accuracy
Wettability is increased because the contact angle is low, easily reach the working point, in order to further can be expected cooling effect by vaporization heat at the time of ultra-fine bubbles ruptures, stress reduction of the workpiece due to heat during processing, distortion of the reduction, will improve the dimensional accuracy.

Life extension of the grinding wheel
The gridning wheel can keep good cutting condition by using UFB. It makes reduce chip of grain and shorten dress interval. Thus it extend the life of grinding wheel.

FBIA (Fine bubble industry) authenticated
This device, so we received the certification of fine bubble industry (FBIA), these can be used with confidence.

For measurement work piece put on the machine without un-loading.
It takes much more time to additional grinding,It's trouble to load- unload for measurement,It's difficult to set work piece on same position in the machine table.
On machine measurement system
"From grinding to the measurement" It can provide stable quality and shorten the tact time by automatic measurement before grinding and finish grinding.
Reduce tact time and stable quality
The system can automatically measure and judge hight of the work piece before grinding and finish grinding on the table. It can reduce time for loading &unloading time and reduce deviation of work piece.It also contributes to concentration and efficiency of peripheral work because Tebanare time of the worker becomes longerNot only flatness measurement but also step measurement function is added. It is realised more useful system.
For high precision measurement after grinding.
No much time to outsouce for high precision measurement. For reducing cost of measurement.For improve accuracy in same manufacturing line.
Automation of accuracy evaluation measurement after the processing by the robot utilization

Suggestions from the processing to accuracy evaluation and measurement automation system by the robot transport.
Our company core competence, precision processing technology and precision measurement technology, makes it possible to intorduce an example of the automation utilized by the robot.

For centrally manage the operating status.
For monitoring the operating status with other machine.For joining the grinding machine to existed monitoring system.
IoT connection correspond separetely
Our machine responds to various IoT connection platformer
Our grinding machine is ready for the connection to the customer specification of IoT platformer.You can make improvement efficiently by managing the operating situation, analysis, including our machine and existing machine.

<Output Example>

  • State Monitoring
  • Processing quantity
  • Cycle time
  • Amount of power consumption
  • Grind wheel diameter
  • Executing program №, etc.

※ Connect operation and output content varies from IoT pratformer and grinding machine models.


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