Problems about surface grinding

Automation・Energy saving

Problem about Automation・Energy saving

In order to solve such problem "Manpower is not enough", "for control devitation of work piece","Automation for same grinding", KURODA will suggest the best way.

KURODA has experience and know-how as surface grinding manufacturer more than 65 years.Considering customer voice, KURODA suggest automatic grinding machine.Only KURODA can support safty, non-stress and stable grinding.

Each solution for Automation・Energy savingSOLUTIONS

Realizing optimal timing dressing
Improving working time efficiency of grinding / Optimal dressing according to materials
Auto dressing “GS-SmartDress”
Best dress timing in Automatic Smart decision Craftsmanship skill become automatic process
Automation of the dressing process
  • This function detects and notices the best timing of dressing in accordance with your records of high skilled performance and know-how. In general, auto dressing function has needed intervals so far.
    However, this function has a machine automatically determine the best timing of dressing.
  • And fainally, reducing the number of dressings to the minimum necessary.
    The reason is that the machine can dresses the grinding wheel at the best timing.
Standardization of dressing work
You can automate molded dressing which depends on skilled operators.
And, it enables a variety of molded dressing of grinding wheels with sinple operation, regardless of the operator’s skill.
Corresponding to production of a variety of products in small amounts
It enablesautomatic dressing in the optimum timing, even if you have various materials and sizes.

Improving infeed of grinding
Improving working time efficiency of grinding
Auto approach “GS-SmartContact”
Approaching a grinding wheel toward work pieces
Safety work
Everyone can safely approach a grinding wheel toward work pieces. It reduces a machine obverload, accidents, and burdens of operators.
Standardizationof work and quality
Automatic approaching detection recognizes a grinding start point.
It provides man-hours reduction and quality assurance.
The automatic start function after approaching is also available.
Ultra-fine bubbles
By generating microbubbles (Ultra-fine bubbles) in a coolant, grindign efficiency is dramatically improved.
Significant expansion of processing efficiency
Bursted bubbles with high inner pressure (approx. 20 atm.) remove grinding chips of a grinding wheel by cavitation. This physical action makes grinding wheels sustainably sharp. As a result, you can increase a grinding depth of a work piece.
Prevention of coolant corruption
Many aerobic bacteria are generated as a result of increase of the volume of oxygen in a coolant. It prevents an outbreak of injurious bacteria.
Improvement of dimensional accuracy
Due to the low grinding contact angle and the high wettability, you can easily reach a processing point on a work piece. Moreover, you can also expect cooling effect by the heat of vaporization during the burst of Ultra-fine bubbles. These effects lead to reduction of a heat stress and a distortion, and improve dimensional accuracy.

Life extension of grinding wheels

Sustainable sharpness of grinding wheels show dicrease of abrasive grain separation. This results lesser dressing frequency and long grinding wheel life.
Authorization by FBIA (Fine Bubble Industries Association in Japan)
This Ultra-fine bubbles device has been already authorized by FBIA. You can use this device in relief.
Realizing work-piece measurement on a machine without unloading
Improving efficiency of additional grinding, measurement, and work-piece loading.
On machine measurement system
"From grinding to measurement"
Automatic measurement before grinding and finishing contributes to stable quality and shortening tact time.
Reducing tact time and realizing stable quality
  • Since this system automatically measures work pieces on a table before grinding and finishing, you can reduce not only time for loading and unloading but also accuracy deviation among work pieces.
  • Operators gain adequate . It contributes to concentration and efficiency of peripheral works in a factory.
  • Not only flatness measurement function, but also step measurement function is available. These functions bring higher efficiency.
Realizing high precision measurement after grinding.
Reduction in outsorcing measurement and costs of high precision measurement. / Improving measurement accuracy in a same manufacturing line.
Automation of accuracy evaluation measurement after the processing by the robot utilization

Suggestions from the processing to accuracy evaluation and measurement automation system by the robot transport.
Our company core competence, precision processing technology and precision measurement technology, makes it possible to intorduce an example of the automation utilized by the robot.

Central control of operation
Monitoring existing facitilies and their operation data. / Integrating new operation monitoring system into existing lines.
IoT connection correspond separetely
Our machine responds to various IoT connection platformer
Our grinding machine is ready for the connection to the customer specification of IoT platformer.You can make improvement efficiently by managing the operating situation, analysis, including our machine and existing machine.

<Output Example>

  • State Monitoring
  • Processing quantity
  • Cycle time
  • Amount of power consumption
  • Grind wheel diameter
  • Executing program №, etc.

※ Connect operation and output content varies from IoT pratformer and grinding machine models.


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