It' s trouble to high precision clamp for gear, round material.

Automation・Energy saving

Problem about Automation・Energy saving

Not only thin workpiece but also round forming work piece, it's easy to automatically clamp by everyone. It's realized stable quality.

After measuring deforming of workpiece, control clamping force, it's easy for everyone to clamp stably.

Each solution for Automation・Energy savingSOLUTIONS

For automation clamp.
It's diccicult for clamp thin workpiece. Depends on operator it's difference for finishing.It's trouble to get stable clamping pressure.
Constant pressure control device
It's able to reduce the deformation of workpiece by clamping force control.
It’s easy to clamp for everyone.
Clamping force of clamping start point is automaticaly measured. It’s easy to clamp for everyone by using controled clamping force. Even if internal dimension of workpieces has deviation, It’s possible to load and unload with robot.It can be adopted on automatic manufacturing line.

It’s able to reduce the deformation of workpiece.
Using elastic deformation by static hydraulic, the shell of hydraulic tool will be expand and clamp workpiece by equal clamping force. In order to control minimum clamping force, clamping force measurement is started from clamping point.Thus,it’s possible to use for process or measurement which workpiece deform.


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