High precision clamping for gears and round materials

Automation・Energy saving

Problem about Automation・Energy saving

Not only thin workpiece but also round forming work piece, it's easy to automatically clamp by everyone. It's realized stable quality.

After measuring deforming of workpiece, control clamping force, it's easy for everyone to clamp stably.

Each solution for Automation・Energy savingSOLUTIONS

For taking measurements immediately after clamping
When there is a need to resolve the trouble of setting workpieces in a centre table after clamping
Hydraulic mandrel incorporating a rotating mechanism for measurement
By providing a precise rotating mechanism in the Hydraulic Tool, which holds the workpiece using the elastic deformation of metal resulting from static hydraulic pressure, measurement can be conducted in the situation immediately after clamping.
Improved work efficiency
In many situations, Hydraulic Tool clamping tools are utilized for measurement using centre tables. However, the incorporation of a precise rotating mechanism in the Hydraulic Tool itself allows workpieces to be measured in the situation immediately after clamping.
This eliminates the time required for setting the workpiece in the centre table, resulting in shortened work times.


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