Problems about surface grinding

Technology inheritance

Problem about Technology inheritance

We can suggest the function only relied on skill of operator.

KURODA surface grinding machine realize for everyone to simply high precision grinding.

Each solution for Technology inheritanceSOLUTIONS

Considering substitution of knowledge and experience of skilled grinding operators
No skiled operator, to take much time for training of grinding, everyone would like to simply high precision grind.
Auto dressing “GS-SmartDress”
Best dress timing in Automatic Smart decision Craftsmanship skill become automatic process
Automation of the dressing process
  • This function detects and notices the best timing of dressing in accordance with your records of high skilled performance and know-how. In general, auto dressing function has needed intervals so far.
    However, this function has a machine automatically determine the best timing of dressing.
  • And fainally, reducing the number of dressings to the minimum necessary.
    The reason is that the machine can dresses the grinding wheel at the best timing.
Standardization of dressing work
You can automate molded dressing which depends on skilled operators.
And, it enables a variety of molded dressing of grinding wheels with sinple operation, regardless of the operator’s skill.
Corresponding to production of a variety of products in small amounts
It enablesautomatic dressing in the optimum timing, even if you have various materials and sizes.

On machine measurement system
"From grinding to measurement"
Automatic measurement before grinding and finishing contributes to stable quality and shortening tact time.
Reducing tact time and realizing stable quality
  • Since this system automatically measures work pieces on a table before grinding and finishing, you can reduce not only time for loading and unloading but also accuracy deviation among work pieces.
  • Operators gain adequate . It contributes to concentration and efficiency of peripheral works in a factory.
  • Not only flatness measurement function, but also step measurement function is available. These functions bring higher efficiency.
KURODA GS-SmartTouch™
Anyone can easily configure various processing with this interactive interface.
Variety of processing menu
This system provides not only surface grinding but also pitch processing, step processing, L-shaped and concave processing, unequal pitch and depth processing etc.. Since you can control them with easy input, you can reduce the setup time.
Form dressing menu
You can reproduce and automate the form grinding process of skilled operators. It also enables a variety of form dressing of grinding wheels with simple operation, regardless of skills of operatos.
Recipe function
You can save your data and conditions regarding processing of work pieces and form dressing of grinding wheels in “Recipe” files. The saved data are easily read out by the reference function. This program helps sharing of data and skills.
Multilingual interface
English, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese are available in this interface. Kuroda support your global business breakthrough.


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