High precision clamping for gears and round materials


Problem about Measurement・processing

"Hydraulic tool" can solve the problem about measurement and processing for gear and round material.

Using elastic deformation of shell part, hydraulic tool can clamp round shape work piece by static's possible to equaly clamp workpiece, and high precision positioning

Each solution for Measurement・processingSOLUTIONS

For high-precision clamping of thin-walled workpieces, which are easily deformed
When there is a need to clamp workpieces without damaging them
Hydraulic Tools for clamping thin-walled workpieces
KURODA's Hydraulic Tools utilize the elastic deformation of metal resulting from static hydraulic pressure to very precisely hold workpieces, even those having thin walls.
Holding workpieces with a uniform pressure
  • Hydraulic Tools are jigs which very precisely clamp the round-shaped parts of workpieces.
    Utilizing the deformation of the metal in the thin-walled tubular parts resulting from static hydraulic pressure,
    the round-shaped parts of workpieces are very precisely held.
  • The oil sealed inside the Hydraulic Tool applies pressure equally to the shell according to Pascal’s principle, allowing highly precise clamping even of thin-walled workpieces.




Easy operation which does not require special skills
High precision clamping is possible using the easy operation of simply rotating a single operating screw. 
Anyone can easily conduct the clamping, even when clamping thin-walled workpieces which normally require skilled operation.
Use in a variety of applications, from machining to assembly and inspections
Hydraulic Tools can be used in various situations to match customers’ applications.
Chucking the cylindrical work-pieces more than Dia. 150 with high runout accuracy.
Considering a new clamping tool for large size work-pieces
Hydraulic tool for large size workpiece
High precision accuracy is available for large size workpiece
High precision accuracy is available for large size workpiece.
In order to clamp more than φ100 under keeping high precision, clamping shell is modified.
  • It’s possible to clamp more than φ100 under the condition total run-out accuracy 3μm.
  • Even if hydraulic tool expand/shurink,repeatability accuracy is very stable. Total highly run-out accuracy is available.

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