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GS-PF II Series Precision Surface Grinding Machines

It is a universal machine concept up high-precision, efficiency, ease of.
Preeminent Operability based on ergonomics!
High performance even though simple.

Breaking away from the concept on which conventional NC machines are designed,
GS-PF II Series machines enable flexible, low-cost automation of grinding operations.
Remodeled from the conventional “PF Series”, they offer better operability and footprint.
They are far easier to use.

*Magnetic Chuck 700x400mm, 700x500mm specifications are available.

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Virtical and cross around the minimum setting unit 0.1 μm feed standard general purpose machine. Virtical and cross, in-house ball screws and servo mortor is used , tracking performance.

  • Touch panel screen for operability
  • High precison & Ecology
  • Versatile items and customization
  • Metal- bearing spindle (Option)

Performance / Specifications


Working surface of the table


550x200 600x300 600x400 600x500

Max. traverse of the table

(LongxCross mm)

680x240 720x340 760x440 760x540
Distance from table top to bottom surface of wheel


0~342.5(at,φ255) 48~387.5(at,φ305) 40~487.5(at,φ305) 40~487.5(at,φ305)

Dimension of the wheel


255x25x50.8 305x38x127

Dimension of electro-magnetic chuck


500x200x70 600x300x80 600x400x85 600x500x85
Net weight(kg) 1800 2500 3500 3800
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