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Precision Forming Surface Grinding Machine GS-30Vs

Easy set up, easy view, and easy operation!
Optimal for very small workpieces.

The smallest forming surface grinding machine in our previous models.
Realized a space-saving, energy-efficient and eco-friendly product.
This is a next-generation machine improving user-friendliness with a newly developed interactive software,
"KURODA GS-SmartTouchTM".

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Space-saving design

  • The floor space required for the machine body is W1,660 x L1,600 mm, realizing a footprint smaller than our conventional model by approx. 50% (as compared with GS-45FL II).
  • This is the industry's smallest class machine for precise forming and surface grinding.

Energy-efficient and eco-friendly features

  • AC servo motor and KURODA high precision ball screw direct drive system are used for longitudinal feed.
  • Realizes high efficiency drive with a reduced friction loss, and cuts down energy consumption by 50% as compared with our conventional model.
  • Eliminating the need to use hydraulic oil, this product largely contributes to reducing burden on the environment.
  • Uses the sole collective lubricate oil device that can supply new oil to all slides at a normal temperature at anytime.

High-speed and precise drive

  • AC servo motors and KURODA high precision ball screws are used for all the vertical, cross, and longitudinal feeds.
  • Particularly for the longitudinal feed, the new technology realized precise and high-speed drive (Max. 40 m/min). (Patent pending)
  • Comfortable manual operation of this forming grinding machine will make you feel the next-generation technology.

Interactive software "KURODA GS-SmartTouchTM"

  • The touch panel type interactive software has been greatly improved.
  • Anyone can easily perform various types of grinding and dressing work with this software.
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