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Precision Surface Grinding Machine GS-86CVs

Energy-saving, eco-friendly and user-friendly machine

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High rigid structure / High rigidity of the machine body realized by FFT analysis

For the bed structure of the machine body, T-shape integrative structure was adopted to improve rigidity. Proper rib allocation realized a low center of gravity and excellent stability.

Compact design has further improved operability

  • No hydraulic oil system

AC servo motor is used for longitudinal feed, and KURODA high precision ball screw direct drive system reduced friction-loss and realized high efficiency drive.

  • High speed, high precision longitudinal reversal

Newly developed technology enables high speed longitudinal drive (Max. 40 m/min) and high precision positioning. (Patent pending)

  • Greatly reduced heat generation

No heat is generated from the hydraulic unit, which minimizes the influence on the ambient temperature.

  • Reduced oil consumption

No hydraulic oil system contributes to lesser burden on the environment.

  • Improved operability

Comfortable manual operation of this surface grinding machine will make you feel the next-generation technology.

Performance / Specifications

  • Distance from table top surface to bottom surface of wheel: 0 to 547.5 mm
  • Dimension of standard chuck: Electromagnetic 800 x 600 x 85 mm
  • Max. net weight of workpiece: 700 kg
  • Table longitudinal feed rate: 1 to 40 m/min
  • Dimension of the wheel (OD x W x ID): 305(355) x 38 x 127 mm
  • Floor space required (W x L): 3330 x 2783 mm
  • Machine net weight: 5500 kg
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