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Auto dressing - Smart-Dress-

Anyone can perform difficult dress work easily.

It solves the following problems:

  • For extending the life of grinding wheel

  • Even if operator does not have high level skil, would like to grind

  • For the best timing of dressing: Operator does not have much skill for dressing,It takes too much time for dressing.For chose the best dressing to each material.

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Automation of the dressing process

This function detects and notices the best timing of dressing in accordance with your records of high skilled performance and know-how.
In general, auto dressing function has needed intervals so far.
However, this function has a machine automatically determine the best timing of dressing.

Standardization of dressing work and quality control

You can automate molded dressing which depends on skilled operators.And, it enables a variety of molded dressing of grinding wheels with simple operation, regardless of the operator's skill.

Corresponding to production of a variety of products in small amounts

It enables automatic dressing in the optimum timing, even if you have various materials and sizes.

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