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On machine measurement system

From grinding to the measurement "
Automatic measurement before grinding and finishing contributes to stable quality and shortening tact time.

It solves the following problems:

  • Improving dimentional accuracy;

    Improving accuracy of flatness, parallelism, height dimention, and grinding forming

  • Realizing work-piece measurement on a machine without unloading;
    Improving efficiency of additional grinding, measurement, and work-piece loading.

  • Considering substitution of knowledge and experience of skilled grinding operators
    No skiled operator, to take much time for training of grinding, anyone can easily high precision grind.

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Reducing tact time and realizing stable quality

  • Since this system automatically measures work pieces on a table before grinding and finishing, you can reduce not only time for loading and unloading but also accuracy deviation among work pieces.
  • Since there is no need to have a worker all the time, other work can be done, which leads to labor saving.
  • Not only flatness measurement function, but also step measurement function is available. These functions bring higher efficiency.


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