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NEW: Precision forming grinding machine " GS-45V "

Suitable machine for easy operation, energy saving, and versatile items

Energy-saving, space-saving, easy to use. The best forming surface grinding machine for fine size workpiece.

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Manual grinding is easy to operate, and you can set full automatic operation with ease. The layout of operation switches, handles, and a touch panel possesses excellent operability and visibility.


Energy saving

AC servo motor is used for longitudinal feed. Machine body size was reduced by 40% and energy consumptuin was also reduced by 60% compared to our previous model. Non-hydraulic system contributes to lesser burden on the environment and realized more easy maintenance.



We offer various options such as interactive operation software "GS-SmartTouchTM" which provides a variety of processing and dressing in simple operation , On-machine measuring system, and ultra-fine bubbles that dramatically improve the processing efficiency.

Performance / Specifications

Working surface of the table(L x W ) mm 500×150
MAX. traverse of the table
(long x Cross )
mm 580×200
Distance from table top surface to bottom surface of wheel mm 40 ~ 390
Standard magnetic chuck size(L×W×H) mm

Flat typelectromagnetic 450×150×70

Tilting typeelectromagnetic 380×110×125

Max.mass of workpiece kg 70
Longitudinal feed rate m/min 1~40
Saddle cross feed mm

Feed per revolution of handwheel:
0.01 / 0.1 / 1 .0 / 5.0

Feed per graduation of dial:
0.0001 /0.001 /0.01 /0.05

Cross auto infeed mm Step feed:0.1 ~ 50 Optional setting
mm/min Continuous feed rate:1~1000
Vertcal feed speed mm/min 500
Wheel dimention(D x W x B) mm φ180×6~25×31.75
Floor space required (W x L) mm 2040×1480
Dimention of the machine (W x L x H) mm 2040x1280x1950
Machine net weight kg 1600
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