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Personnel Development

”Meticulous” personnel development to support ”precision”

KURODA stresses on the importance of creating an environment for personnel development with a variety of measures and education programs to bring out people’s potential and talent because it believes that ”the growth of a company is tied to the growth of each employee”. Furthermore, KURODA sets a high value on initiatives to pass on precision manufacturing to the next generation for further development.

1. Personnel system focused on development

Based on fair and transparent treatment of all personnel, KURODA’s personnel system allows for promotion by selection and appointment of young people to higher office, as well as enhancement of the intrinsic skills of precision craftsmen.

Qualification grading system

The foundation of KURODA’s personnel system is the qualification grading system to group people depending on the importance of their role and showed competence. People are promoted based on their degree of growth and contribution independently of their age.
Furthermore, KURODA’s personnel system is a multi-career path system where people can choose their path from ”Line”, ”Staff”, and ”Expert”.

Meister system

Meister is one of the qualification grades. Meister is a recognition given to highly skilled people trusted by all, and they are entitled to various incentives. They are personally awarded a Meister badge and a certificate by the president. In KURODA, they have a place where they can work with pride and motivation.

Graduate school support for working adults

The support for graduate school offered by KURODA provides interest-free financial aid to pay tuition fees, and study time during working hours to help develop personnel with advanced specialization capable of contributing to the development of the company through research in the graduate school and/or publication of research papers and articles.
There is actually an employee who received a doctorate by using this support.

2. Eloquence and skills development supporting assessment system

Objective management system

KURODA has an objective management system to clarify the role of each employee to encourage him/her to execute his/her duty self-sufficiently. The ”Objective management sheet” is completed within the ”Objective setting meeting” between a subordinate and his/her superior. One of the objects to set is the ”Skill development objectives” to state the ability and/or skill he/she wants to acquire, and the superior will support during the given period of time. In the ”Assessment meeting” at the end of the period, the employee will review the actual results against the objectives and the whole process to explain the result of his/her self-assessment to his/her superior. In the ”Feedback meeting”, in addition to conveying the assessment results, the superior will make clear the challenges, show understanding to the assessment, and encourage further development. The objective management system is also a tool to stimulate and promote communication between superior and subordinate.

3. Initiatives to pass on the DNA of precision to the next generation

Qualifications and skills management program

The qualifications and skills of each employee are managed across the company in a centralized manner and visualized to determine the ”qualifications and skills to acquire” and ”learning period”, in addition to the ”learning process” for each technician in order to transfer skills to the next generation.
A systematic curriculum allows KURODA to reliably transfer its skill to the next generation.

KURODA craftsmanship training hall

In March 2015, KURODA opened its ”KURODA craftsmanship training hall” as a training centre to pass on the craftsman’s DNA to all personnel. For those not directly involved in manufacturing, such as sales personnel and clerical workers, this hall is a place to experience ”machining”, and for those in manufacturing, a place to test new ideas, such as build prototypes or test a new manufacturing method.

Hands-on measurement training

Since its foundation, KURODA believes that ”you cannot build something you cannot measure”. In line with this belief, and to pass on and improve the measurement technique, KURODA has put in place a hands-on measurement training room where the personnel can practice the basics of measurement by using various instruments, including the gauge, which is the starting point of KURODA.
Training courses given in this room range from training with gauges and measuring instruments sold by KURODA to basic training for new employees and young technicians, and training for technical qualification tests. There are also classes on gauges for customers for them to acquire correct knowledge.

4. Wide variety of education programs

In-house training curriculum

KURODA offers a wide variety of curricula, such as hierarchy-based courses including courses for new employees and courses for managers; select courses such as management and junior management classes for future leaders; technical training courses to train open-minded engineers with a wide knowledge; courses to enhance the salesmanship skill to sell solutions; career design courses for people to envision their future and plan their career, and so on.

Qualification acquisition support

KURODA encourages its personnel to take various qualifications tests, such as national examinations including the technical skills test, business skills test, QC examination, The Official Business Skills Test in Bookkeeping, TOEIC, and so on.
Those who pass qualification tests are awarded with the reimbursement of the testing fee and a prize, in addition to an acknowledgment by the president.

Language training support

KURODA provides a wide variety of language training support in order to support its global expansion, The support offered by KURODA includes support for enrolment in English conversation classes, in-house English classes by an outside teacher, English conversation classes by a foreign teacher using Skype, and so on to meet the level and style of each employee.

Correspondence course

Twice a year, employees are offered correspondence courses. Employees can choose from around 180 courses in accordance with their career objectives and duties. Those who finish are awarded an incentive pay and the like as an encouragement for self-development.

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