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End-cap method ball screws HG series

Shaft diameter ø6 to ø32 mm, long lead and multi-start thread, accuracy grade C5

In the H series, the end-cap method that allows a lead of one to three times the shaft diameter is used to achieve high-speed conveyance. Furthermore, the multi-start thread allowed for more compact nut.

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Long lead makes these ball screws ideal for high-speed conveyance

  • With a lead one to three times the shaft diameter, these ball screws can achieve higher feed rate at a low rotational speed. They are effective for reducing vibration, noise, and heat generation.

More compact nut as a result of using multi-start thread

  • The nut, which tends to become longer with longer lead, is kept compact and with better rated specifications as a result of using a multi-start thread.

Exterior configuration

Standard Ground Ball Screws / HG Series: Accuracy grade C5


  • The screw shaft ends are unfinished to enable additional machining to the end type and dimensions required for the customer’s application.
  • When using, the screw shaft ends need additional machining in accordance with the conditions of use.

Performance / Specifications

Screw shaft diameter

8 ~ 32mm        

Lead 12 ~ 64mm
Accuracy grade C5
Nut type single nut
Recirculation system end-cap method
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