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DIN standard compatible
high-speed, quiet, compact ball screws

A culmination of engineering and design expertise that satisfies multiple key requirements.

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Low Sound Pressure

Sound pressure has been reduced up to 6dB when compared to conventional tube recirculation method ball screws.
AHditionally, the AH Series design greatly reduces high frequency sound, which provides a pleasing improvement in
sonic performance.

High Speed

Designed to meet the needs of recent developments in automation as well as applications with strict takt time
requirements, AH Series Side Deflector Ball Screws offer greatly increased maximum rotational speeds and DN values.
This high speed capability keeps in step with improvements in high performance motors.
AH Series ball screws deliver a maximum DN value of 150,000 (twice that of conventional products) and a maximum
rotational speed of 5,000 min-1.


In an effort to support the space efficiency of our customers`equipment, Kuroda has developed a streamlined nut body with
a compact flange, reducing nut size by 30% and nut weight by up to 50% when compared to conventional options.

Performance / Specifications

Model NumberScrew Shaft Nominal Diameter
d [mm]
Basic Dynamic Load Rating
Basic Static Load Rating C0[N]Accuracy GradeAxial ClearanceLubrication Unit / WiperMaximum Rotational
Speed [min-1]
AH16054S-HSSR 16 5 8,400 13,300 C5 0.005 or less LUBSEALTM 5,000(DN≦
AH16103S-HSSR 10 6,300 9,700
AH16162S-HSSR 16 4,200 6,100
AH16202S-HSSR 20 4,100 6,100
AH20054S-HSSR 20 5 11,500 20,500
AH20103S-HSSR 10 8,700 14,900
AH20202S-HSSR 20 5,700 9,400
AH25054S-HSSR 25 5 12,700 25,700
AH25103S-HSSR 10 9,700 18,800
AH25252S-HSSR 25 6,300 11,800
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