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【NEW】 SIDE DEFLECTOR™ Method ball screws A series

High-load, high-speed, compact ball screws

Meets three needs with optimal balance!

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High load capacity yet long life!

The rated load was achieved by using a nut body diameter based on users’ needs, and a ball diameter and number of circuits optimal for the screw shaft diameter.
These screws fulfil needs for high load capacity and long life.

High speed as a result of the Side-deflector™ Method!

The maximum rotational speed and DN value have been substantially improved to meet automation needs and shorter cycle-time needs of recent years.
The screws follow the ever improving performance of motors.


A reduction in size of approximately 30% and a maximum reduction in weight of approximately 50% have been achieved by making the nut outside diameter and flange more compact.
Allows for reducing the size of machines and equipment, or making the interior of machines and equipment more spacious.

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