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Customized product Ultra-quiet ball screws FR series

Shaft diameter: ø10 to ø40 mm, Accuracy grade:C3 to C7 grades

These ball screws use a new ball circulation system called end deflector method capable of keeping the ball circulation smooth under high rotational speed.

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High rotational speed achieved by innovative recirculation system

  • Delivers higher rotational speed up to 5,000 min-1 based on new design and manufacturing technologies developed by KURODA.
  • Provides maximum table speed of 2.5 m/sec. (It is for a ball screw with a 15 mm screw shaft diameter and 30 mm lead).

Reduced sound pressure level and solved noise issue

  • Delivers improved sound pressure level (down by up to 6 dB) and sound quality in a high frequency range, using KURODA’s highprecision processing technologies developed during its history of gauge production and based on longstanding efforts toward quieter ball screws. (The above values are in the case of a ball screw with a 25 mm screw shaft diameter and 25 mm lead)

Nut dimensions for more compactness

  • With ball recirculation components provided at both end of a nut and a recirculation path developed by KURODA, substantial compactness in a overall length and outside diameter of the nut body has been realized.

Longer lifetime achieved by bigger load rating

  • With a load rating designed without changing a ball diameter in a KURODA’s previous model, the F series ball screw provides improved basic dynamic load rating and basic static load rating, compared with previous models.

Performance / Specifications

  • Screw shaft φ10~40mm, Lead 5~64mm


  • Accuracy grade: C3 to C7 grades (C3 to C5 grades for ball screws with double nut)
  • Nut type: single nut, double nut (spacer type)
  • Recirculation system: end deflector method
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