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Ball Screws with Resin Nuts / R Series

Resin, a common practice-changing option for ball screws

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Wear Resistance, Longer Life

Superior to corrosion and wear resistance by using PolyPhenylene Sulfide - PPS, making it suitable for medical equipment.


Minimal surface contact allows a much quieter performance than typical lead screws.

Corrosion Resistance

Advanced corrosion resistant design allows for use in harsh environments.

Light Weight and Compact

The new design resin nut makes itself lightweight, compact and ideal for miniature applications.

Low Cost, Short Lead Time

New manufacturing method reduces cost and shortens lead time.

Exterior configuration


Performance / Specifications

Shaft dia.LeadPermissible axial loadPermissible rotational speedInitial axial PlayDriving life
8 2 40N 3,000min-1 0.030mm or less 250km

Positioning accuracy and temperature characteristics

Ball screws with resin nuts deliver stable positioning accuracy for long periods of time as a result of the excellent wear resistance of the super engineering plastic.
Furthermore, they exhibit lower heat generation characteristics than slide screws due to their excellent mechanical efficiency.

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