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Deflector method ball screws D series

Compact, for precision positioning

With the industry’s smallest nut dimensions, these ball screws allow for more compact machines and equipment that require precision small-pitch feeding.

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Industry’s smallest, compact nut dimensions

The industry’s smallest nut dimensions were achieved by using an improved ball circulation system called deflector method, which allows for minimal nut dimensions.

Ideal for precision small-pitch feeding machines and equipment

With a lead of 1 to 10 mm, these ball screws are well suited for machines and equipment that require precision small-pitch feeding and positioning.

Exterior configuration

Standard Ground Ball Screws / DP Series: Accuracy grade C3

The screw shaft fixed end is finished to the type recommended by KURODA. When using, the screw shaft supported end may need additional machining in accordance with the conditions of use.

Performance / Specifications

Shaft diameter Φ6 to Φ50mm
Lead 1 to 10mm
Accuracy grade C0 to C7 grades(C0 to C5 grades for ball screws with integral nut)
Nut type single nut, integral nut
Recirculation system deflector method

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