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Press Tool & Die Systems Business

We provide optimal high-efficiency motor core solutions to global customers with our proprietary technology and network.

KURODA, with its superb grinding and lapping technology, has developed press tools since 1940’s. Our efforts led to ""FASTEC System""®, which enables blanking, rotation,
skewing, stacking, measurement, and assembling of lamination cores in a die system. It enables high accuracy and precision at the micrometer level, as well as significant productivity gains in the production process.
We have developed series of new technologies such as miniaturization, in-die laser welding, and in-die glue lamination. We are also expanding global supply chain all over the world. KURODA contributes to the global motor market with our unique precision technology.

"FASTEC®" system realizes high precision and significant productivity gains of your production process

FASTEC® system is our proprietary press tool system which enables simultaneous blanking and assembly of steel sheet lamination in the die. By incorporating interlocking, rotation, skewing, and counter-boring functions in the die system, production of lamination products through high-speed continuous press operations.

Furthermore, we are the only company in the world that can provide three types of lamination methods: FASTEC® (interlocking), Laser FASTEC® (in-die laser spot welding), and Glue FASTEC® (in-die gluing). As higher efficiency motors with excellent energy saving property are required today, we are able to produce optimal motor cores with high precision and high efficiency to meet customer needs.

Products Information

Delivering products and services to customers all over the world through our global network

Partnership with Euro Group

We have established global partnership with "Euro Group S.p.A" (Italy), a world-class lamination brand. By making full use of its global production and sales network combined with our existing network, we provide lamination products and services worldwide.

Establishment of a joint venture in North America

As part of the partnership with Euro Group, we established a joint venture "Eurotranciatura U.S.A. LLC” in 2014 in Tennessee, USA. This joint venture is our base for supplying lamination products in North America which can respond to customer needs quickly.

Overseas subsidiaries (Production/Sales/Maintenance)

  • Kuroda Precision Industries (M) SDN.BHD (Malaysia) Established in 1996
  • Kuroda Precision Industries PINGHU CO., LTD (China) Established in 2001
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