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January 1925
Founder Saburo KURODA
  • Kuroda Gauge Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded by Saburo Kuroda for manufacture and sale of all types of gauges.
March 1935
  • The production and distribution of block gauges started.
November 1935
  • The company was reorganized into a limited partnership company (capital: 200,000 yen).
  • Onuki Laboratory, the predecessor of Futtsu Factory, was established.
January 1943
  • The company was reorganized into a stock company (capital: 980,000 yen).
September 1946

Erly press tool

  • Production and sale of press tools.
April 1949
  • The present company was established through investment in kind from the old company (capital: 4.6 million yen).
April 1953
First Surface Grinding Machine
  • Production and sales of surface grinding machines started.
November 1955
  • The plants obtained the approval for displaying the JIS mark for thread gauges.
April 1957
  • The company obtained the approval from the American Petroleum Institute for using its official mark on reference master gauge for API Std. 5A and Std. 5L threads.
September 1961
  • Production and sales of pneumatic equipments started.
October 1961
  • Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Capital: 250 million yen)
Decembe 1961
Machine tools lines at time of new construction
  • Nagano Plant was completed.
December 1962
  • Production and sales of ball screws started.
June 1965
  • The corporation name was changed from Kuroda Gauge Manufacturing Co., Ltd. toKuroda Precision Industries, Ltd.
April 1966
  • The head office transferred to Kita-senzoku Kamata, Ota ward.
September 1970
  • Asahi Plant was completed.
April 1976
  • The head office transferred to Shimohirama, Saiwai-ward , Kawasaki-city.
  • Production and sales of laminated precision press tools "FASTEC®" started.
December 1980
  • Capitalization increased to 850 million yen.
April 1981
  • Capitalization increased to 935 million yen.
April 1985
  • Production and distribution of CNC formation surface grinders started.
February 1986
  • Establishment of a liaison office in Chicago (USA) as an overseas operation point.
May 1987
  • Production and sale of the "Super Polishing Machine" an ultla-precision mirror surface processor started.
April 1989
  • Production and sale of rolled ball screws started.
July 1991
  • Production and sale of "NANOMETRO®" a surface configuration measuring device started.
November 1994
  • Production and sales of precision forming surface grinding machine "GS-515E" started.
December 1996
  • Kuroda Precision Industries Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. was established as a joint venture in
    Malaysia with Kawasho Corporation and KSPC Co. (Now a consolidated subsidiary.)
April 1998
  • Construction of a new rolled ball screw factory within the Asahi Plant.
January 1999
  • Production and sales of "ECOSAVER®" a minimal quantity lubrication system for semi-dry processing started.
May 1999
  • Business and capital tieup was conducted with Parker Hannifin Corporation (USA).
July 1999
  • Capitalization increased to 1,875 million yen.
March 2000
  • Construction of the 7th factory at the Asahi Plant.
March 2001
  • Construction of the 6th factory (PE factory) at the Nagano Plant.
April 2001
  • Construction of a new factory at the Futtsu Plant for production of ball screws.
November 2001
  • Kuroda Precision Industries Pinghu Co., Ltd. was established as a joint venture in Pinghu City, Zhejiang, China with Kawasho Corporation and Jiangsu Kawaden Steel Products Co., Ltd. (Now a consolidated subsidiary.)
October 2003
November 2005
  • Production and sale of motor core for hybrid vehicle started.
December 2005
  • The production and sale of the NANOMETRO® FTT1500 series, a configuration measuring system for large photo-mask substrates for flat panel display started.
March 2006
  • 70% of Kuroda Pneumatics' issued shares were transferred to Parker Hannifin Corporation (USA).
November 2006
  • Production and sale " Next generation artisan GS45 series " - a new series of precision surface grinding machine started.
August 2008
  • Kazusa Akademia Plant was completed.
April 2010
  • Kuroda Precision Industries Korea Co.Ltd was established (Now a consolidated subsidiary).
November 2012
  • 100% of the shares of Avingtrans Industrial Products Ltd. (UK) were acquired and the company became a subsidiary.
July 2013
  • The common brand of drive related equipments and spindle products KURODA JENA TEC was launched and started sales.
July 2013
  • The head office transferred to Horikawa-cho, Saiwai-ward , Kawasaki-city.
January 2014
  • Business tieup was conducted with the Euro Group (Italy), and the joint venture of Eurotranciatura U.S.A. LLC was established in Tennessee (USA).
  • The universal tooling business was transferred to Century Trading Corporation (Taiwan), and the joint venture Winwell Japan Co.Ltd. was established.
May 2014
  • Kuroda Jena Tec Trading Pinghu Co., Ltd. was established as sales company in Pinghu City, Zhejiang, China

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