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SC series

Remarkably improved dust prevention.
Full-cover type ballscrew actuator.

KURODA ballscrew actuators are compact single-axis units consisting of a ball screw and a slide guide.
With their slide block set in a U-guide rail, the actuators achieve low-profile design and compact shape, allowing for considerable reduction in necessary space as compared with the usual table-type structure.

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Remarkably improved dust prevention

Dustproofing performance is remarkably improved as a result of making minimal the clearance on the sides of the actuator to prevent penetration of contaminants from the outside, and the new centre sheet designed to straddle the tables.

Slimmer body to meet space-saving needs

The SC series have exactly the same dimensions as the SE series guide rails but fully covered, allowing for the replacement of a SE series ballscrew actuator with a full-cover type SC series ballscrew actuator as-is, in the same mounting space. (However, the mounting height is different.)

Easy maintenance

To make grease up more efficient, which is usually found to be cumbersome, a central grease filler hole is provided on the side of the table as standard in the SC series. Grease to ball screws and guide parts can be supplied at once from the central grease filler hole. (The standard model is provided with a plug) Grease nipple is available as an option for the grease filler hole.

Guide with remarkable rigidity

With steel U-guide rails similar to those of the SG/SE series, the SC series exhibits high rigidity despite of its compactness, allowing for use in structures supported by one end.

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