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ECOSAVER® / KEP-V (Large Volume Type)

Features consolidated specifically for hang-on type nozzle.
Allows for implementation of eco-friendly semi-dry processing at low cost.

Semi-dry processing is an eco-friendly cutting technology that not only reduces the quantity of cutting oil used or reduces the cost of disposal of oiling equipment and waste oil processing, but also increases the cutting tool life and maintains the cutting accuracy.
ECOSAVER®, the minimal quantity lubrication system, generates mist inside the container by atomizing oil by using compressed air to only supply microscopic oil mist (microfog) along with air to the outside of the container.
ECOSAVER® KEP-WR is ideal for supplying cutting oil to turning machines, sawing machines, hobbing machines, or MC machines by using hang-on nozzle.

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  • Built-in 2-level solenoid valve to control the discharge oil quantity
  • Constant discharge pressure independently of the discharge nozzle diameter
  • Large discharge volume specification, capable of discharging up to 200 ml/h *1
  • Support for water soluble cutting fluid *2
  • Self-priming nozzle with a proven track record
  • Built-in oil level switch to notify the timing of refill

*1 Example when Unicut Jinen MQL is used. The quantity of oil discharged also varies depending on the mist discharge port diameter and discharge pressure, etc.

*2 KURODA does not deal in water soluble cutting fluids. When using water soluble cutting fluid, please make sure to check with the manufacturer that it can be used as mist.
(When using, be sure to follow the product safety data sheet accompanying the water soluble cutting fluid.)

Performance / Specifications

Working pressure range 0.2~0.7MPa
Discharge pressure 0.1~0.6MPa
With the constant pressure control system
Outlet air flow rate 30~450L/min(ANR)
Oil quantity control Min. and Max. diameter 2-stage switching
Oil quantity adjustment By hand-operated throttle valve (with lock mechanism)
Discharge oil quantity


An example of “Unicut Jinen MQL” use

Cutting oil

Eco-friendly cutting oil for minimal quantity lubrication system

(Recommended oil: “Unicut Jinen MQL” by JX Nippon Oil & Energy)

Oil tank capacity 2,000ml
Operating temperature range 5~50℃
Built-in solenoid valve DC24V 0.6W x 2
Exterior dimensions W218 x D151.5 x H487 (mm)
Mass About 8.5kg(With largest amount of oil in the tank)
How to use Hang-on type recommendation

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