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Precision metal press products Laser FASTEC®

Specialized for very small workpieces. Reliable stacking force even in very small shapes.

We not only accept orders for design and manufacture of dies, but also for metal press products manufactured using those dies.
The “LASER FASTEC® system” was developed for high-precision, tiny thin laminate products.
The use of YAG laser to firmly fasten metal sheets enables LASER FASTEC® to be less restricted to product shapes it can handle, making it possible to mass-manufacture tiny thin laminate products with stable strength and quality, which was traditionally considered difficult.


Ideal for small laminate products. Automatically stacked and welded inside the die by using YAG LASER.

  • YAG LASER beam is irradiated to each punched metal sheet from the side to weld and fasten.
  • The laser spot can be enlarged to simultaneously weld multiple metal sheets and increase efficiency.

Examples of use:

Micro-motor core

  • For cell phones
  • For digital cameras
  • For VTR cameras
  • For printers

Spindle motor core

  • For HDDs
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