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What is Ballscrew Actuator?

Actuator is a unit of mechanical component able to convert an input energy to physical energy; it is capable of moving and controlling a specific object. Generally, actuator can be driven by ball screw, belt or linear motor, here we introduce how the ball screw works in the actuator.

Ball screw structure

n typical application using ball screw, it is normally composed of base-housing, guide-rail, bearing, table-carriage and so on; your rich knowledge and expertise are required in parts-selection, designing and assembling process; and besides, in such construction, it is difficult to make your system compact and lightweight if you want.

To meet such demand for compact and lightweight actuator as a ball screw manufacturer, we have developed the ballscrew actuator integrated with U-shaped rigid steel guide rail, slide block and ball screw.
The following 2 figures show the size comparison between ballscrew actuator and the ball screw being assembled with other component one by one. Both ball screw have the same diameter and lead length. Here you can see how ballscrew actuator realizes big space reduction for both height and width compared to the other in the left figure.

Comparison of slide guide ball screws and actuators

So far Kuroda has 3 series of ballscrew actuators, SG series with high positioning accuracy, SE series with higher rigidity than aluminum frame actuator and newly developed SC series with fully covered body to prevent from foreign substance.
For more details in these series, please refer to our actuator catalogues.

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