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Precision Forming Surface Grindin Machine GS-30 series

Just Size, Just Spec !!

23% space- saveing was achieved by downsizing very popular best selling jachine GS-45 series.
Much better choices enhanced a new control device can meet each customer's processing.

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Just Size - 23% Footprint Reduction

23% less footprint than GS-45 Series as a result of reducing the table and chuck size by specializing to small parts, such as processing of connector dies.

Just Spec - NC machine-level number of features in a generic machine

These machines inherit the superior operability and features of the best-selling GS-45 Series, developed on the concept that “anybody can be a precision grinding professional from day one”. The ergonomically designed handle is not only easy to operate but also compact and well-suited for small built Asians.

Compact design for added operability

  • Stainless steel wet cover and grinding wheel cover for excellent resistance to corrosion
  • Intuitive main switches
  • Up and down, back and forth digital scale counter
  • Independent, room-temperature lubrication pump capable of constantly supplying new oil at room temperature to each excitation unit


Longitudinal Auto


Full Auto

Working surface of the table mm 350 x 150
Distance from table top surface mm 40 ~ 350
Standard magnetic chucksize(LxWxH) mm Permanent magnetic
300 x 150 x 50
300 x 150 x 70
Wheel dimension(DxWxB) mm 180 x 6~25 x 31.75
Motor spindle kW 1.5-4P
Dimension of the machine(WxLxH) mm 1430x1450x1950
Machine net weight kg 1300
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