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CNC Ultra high precision forming grinding machine FGX-1

Significantly improves productivity while reducing environmental load

Capable of grinding at ultra-high speed thanks to the high-speed shuttle table (1000 reversals/min), it is ideal for preprocessing small, high-precision die components.

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Hgih speed and High efficency

High speed operation of 1000 reversals/min without vibration is achieved thanks to the newly developed high-reciprocation table with built-in shock-absorbing mechianism. (Patent pending)

Save the energy

No use of hydraulic unit for enviromentally friendly

Well-designed internal structure makes smooth air flow for minimize thermo deformation and it save the power of thermo-controll unit for enviromentally friendly

High precision

Built-in motor with proprietary cooling system for the low thermal expansion alloy spindle


Save the space

Space-saving design of the 1000x1500mm.


Performance / Specifications


Working surface of the table

Number of times of highspeed reciprocating 500cycles/min.(1000turn/min.)
Traverse of the reciprocation table 5~100mm(manual)
Max. traverse of the table(LxW) 180mm x 100mm

Dimension of the machine(WxLxH)


Floor space required (WxL)

1600mm x 2270mm

Control unit


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