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How are (pass/fail) inspections done?


When inspecting a product by using a NOT GO thread plug gauge, the gauge may be screwed in for a few turns.
It is difficult to judge whether or not the NOT GO thread gauge is screwed in for two turns as required by the JIS specifications. Is there any way to make judgment easier?

In the case of NOT GO thread plug gauge, a method for confirming the number of turns for which the NOT GO thread plug gauge was screwed in is to first screw in as far as it goes, and from the stop point as the origin, unscrew by pulling lightly. By counting the number of turns until the thread plug gauge is completely disengaged, you can easily judge whether the number of turns required to screw in was 2.
The same method can be used for the NOT GO thread ring gauge.

Method for checking the number of turns on the NOT GO side

Unscrew by pulling lightly while counting the number of turns until the gauge is completely disengaged.

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