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Ball Screws with Shaft End Adapter / GK and FK Series

Shaft diameters φ12 and φ15, and accuracy grades C5 and C7

Ball screws with shaft end adapter are custom ball screws that can be delivered in very short time without lowering the rated load and accuracy of KURODA’s existing products.

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  • Very short delivery time
  • No need for additional end machining
  • Already mounted with a shaft end adapter
  • Similar accuracy as standard products

Exterior configuration

bs_GK-FK_exte.gif bs_end-adapter_exte_002.gif

Performance / Specifications

ModelBall screwAdapter unit

Shaft dia.




Permissible input

torque [N/m]

Max. axial load*


Component bracket

deviation accuracy [mm]

GK12 12 5, 10, 20 3.8 500 0.02
FK12 10, 20
GK15 15 5, 10, 15, 20 3.8 500 0.02
FK15 5, 10, 20
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